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Best 49 Dreamy And Mystical Disney Girl Names For Your Baby

21. Ellie:

Now who wouldn’t want to name their daughter after one of the greatest love stories of all time? Ellie may not have had a long screen time, but she made a significant impact on the watchers.

22. Elsa:

The name Elsa has been popular since the 1990s, but it broke the Social Security Administration chart after the release of the movie.

23. Esmeralda:

Esmeralda, the name of the clever gypsy who befriended the Hunchback in the movie “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”, has become hugely popular in the last ten years.

24. Evangeline:

Evangeline from “The Princess and the Frog”, had Raymond, the firefly totally heads over heels in love with her.

25. Flora:

The name Flora featured in “Sleeping Beauty” as the queen fairy who gives Princess Aurora the gift of beauty.

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