Body Odor In Pregnancy: Causes And Natural Ways To Deal With It

Body odor can be one of the many changes you may experience during pregnancy. Some women may be able to manage it with dietary and lifestyle changes, whereas some require a doctor’s attention.

Body odor does not always indicate an unpleasant or abnormal smell; it could also be the normal odor due to sweating. In this MomJunction post, we talk about the reasons behind pregnancy body odor and measures you can take to deal with it.

Is It Normal To Have Body Odor During Pregnancy?

The basal metabolic rate increases during pregnancy, improving your blood flow and body temperature. This makes the sweat glands active and may increase the amount of sweat produced (1). Also, some women may develop a heightened sense of smell during pregnancy (2). These two factors could make it easier for pregnant women to pick up their body odor, even if it is just the normal smell of sweat.

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