How To Tell A Guy You Like Him: 20 Ways To Try


Are you attracted to a guy? Isn’t it a magical sensation? The happiness of finding the one you were looking for is boundless. You are excited and can’t wait for him to know how you feel. As it is just the beginning and a crucial stage of any relationship, you don’t want to make any mistakes. So how should you express it? What is the right way to convey your feelings?  It is entirely natural to have such questions in mind.

If you feel confused and overwhelmed trying to find the perfect approach, we have got your back. In this post, we tell you some best ways to share your feelings.

20 Best Ways To Tell A Guy That You Like Him

Here are some tips you can use to tell the guy you like him. If you do not want to tell the guy directly, there are some subtle ways too.

1. Flirt with him

Nothing communicates interest better than flirting. If you like a guy, sharpen your flirting skills and use them on him. Praise the new shirt he is wearing or compliment his smile, looks, or intelligence. Let him know you admire his attributes and qualities. Tease him playfully or use his quirky habits or unique preferences to pull his leg. Making him smile is a great way to make a place in his heart.

2. Use subtle body language

Your body can express what you are unable to through words. If you are shy or scared to tell him how you feel, use subtle body language cues to send the message. While talking to him, lean close and whisper in his ears. Give a slight touch on his shoulders or arms while speaking. You may flip your hair or run your fingers through it when he is looking at you, as guys are attracted to a woman’s hair. If he is smart, he will get the message.

3. Dress up

Whenever you plan to run into him, look your best. Wear a dress that accentuates your figure, put on those high heels, and use make-up. Dazzle him with your appearance. If you two share a great camaraderie, drop hints that you have dressed up for him. Your actions would indicate your romantic feelings.

4. Use the power of prolonged eye contact

Eyes are the messengers of the soul and cannot hide your feelings. To show him what your heart desires, establish prolonged eye contact with him. You don’t have to stare at him continuously. Make eye contact three to four times and let him know you are trying to tell him something. If he looks back at you, smile at him. You may even give him a cute wink.

5. Take the help of your friends

If you are shy or scared to let him know how you feel, ask your friends to do it for you. They can tell him directly. But if you think it is too forward, your mates can throw hints about your feelings and gauge his reaction. For instance, if your friends talk excessively about you, he would realize you are interested in him.


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