Itchy Breasts/ Nipples During Pregnancy: Causes And Relief Measures

Itchy breasts during pregnancy could be due to skin sensitivity or hormonal changes. Usually, this itchiness tends to be temporary. But if the symptoms are not relieved and discomfort remains for longer duration then, you should check with your doctor.

In this post, MomJunction tells you about the causes of itching in breasts during pregnancy and ways to ease the discomfort.

Are Itchy Nipples An Early Sign Of Pregnancy?

Breast changes might begin as early as one to two weeks post-conception (1). The breasts may become tender, sore, enlarged, or tingle, while the nipples become tender, cracked, or swollen (2). However, this cannot be a standalone symptom of pregnancy. Only when you see this in association with other prominent pregnancy symptoms can you confirm your pregnancy.

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