Most Popular & Trending Baby Names for 2019

If you are a child of the 80s or 90s, we bet you can remember the sea of Jennifers, Jessicas, Michaels and Christophers with whom you grew up. Fortunately, the decades since then have seen the emergence of unique baby names to choose from.

Whether you’re looking for fashionable baby names, new or popular shots or something completely different, go to our summary of the most important baby name trends that will be in view this year:

Royal Baby Names:

The Royal Baby Watch is officially on as the Duke and Duchess of Sussex—that’s Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to us commoners across the pond—are expecting their first child together in 2019. From the birth of Prince Louis to Meghan and Harry’s dreamy royal wedding and Princess Eugenie’s wedding in October, 2018 was totally the Year of the Royals.
According to BabyCenter, two of these royally-inspired names increased in popularity in 2018: Louis (up 17 percent) and Meghan (up 49 percent). We bet whatever Meghan and Harry name the newest royal baby will definitely top the baby name charts by year’s end. Keep an eye out for Eugenie and Jack as popular choices, too.

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Nonbinary & Gender-Neutral Baby Names:

Gender conformity is so last year. The new hotness? Nonbinary names that aren’t typically aligned with one gender or another, says Nameberry. Parents are raising gender-neutral kids more than ever before, whether it from shopping for gender-neutral clothing or shattering gendered playtime stereotypes.
Look for gender-neutral baby names to rise in popularity this year, with names like Briar, Campbell, Drew, Finley, Journey, Justice, Laken, Max, Revel, Robin, Royal, Stevie, Story and Tyler.

Global Chic Baby Names:

Nameberry predicts that 2019 will be the year of globally-inspired baby names. With the rise of inclusivity and representation of cultures and ethnicities in kids books, movies and TV shows, it only makes sense that we’d see a rise in names that hail from all four corners of the Earth. Nameberry has its sights on names like Acacius, Aroha, Cyrene, Jedda, Kiran, Lautaro, Lior, Niabi, Sena andWalken.
We have our eyes on names from popular kids’ media that have made great leaps in representation over the last couple of years, such as Disney’s Moana, Marvel’s Into the Spiderverse new Spider-Man Miles Morales, Shuri from Black Panther or Araminta from Crazy Rich Asians.

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