49 Rare Boy Names – Cool and Uncommon Baby Names for Boys

Top 49 Rare Names for Boy List :
This is a Danish word for “father of peace”. It has been used for quite some time. If you are a fun of short forms, you can spell it “Axl”.
It is a combination of two names, Ahmad and Muhammad. It is a rare name for boys that has not been used a lot of late. The name is known beyond its native land, credit to the Atlantic Records Founder, Ahmet Ertegun. One of Frank Zappa’s sons was named Ahmet.
This rare name is the best choice for parents who love the name John but want something unique. Zane is the Hebrew edition of the name John. It means “Gift from God”.
This name originates from a mythical bird that grew from the ashes. It inspires idealism and hope.
Tim Rosenman and Whitney Port named their son Sonny. Though the Hills’ star has not spoken about her child’s unique name, most of the websites presume that Sonny is a sweet spelling of son. This is an obvious a great rare names for a boy.
Alex Curran and Steven Gerard, former Liverpool player, named their son Lio. Their baby’s cool and rare name is derived from Lionel Messi, an Argentinian football player. Gerard is a supporter of Messi. He described Messi as the best football player there will ever be.
Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne decided to name their son Bear. We still don’t know what inspired Liam and Cheryl to name their child bear. However, during their interaction with Bear Grylls, TV survival guy, Liam referred to him as “a boss”. He also commented that he would want his son to be as courageous as Bear Grylls. Kate Winslet and her husband also named their son Bear.
This uncommon name for boys has a French origin. Montague is a French word for “pointed hill”. Christian and Geri Horner named their newly born son Montague George Hector. The boy will be called Monty.
Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian shocked the world when they decided to name their son Dream. A close associate revealed that Rob chose the name because he always has a dream of having a child.

Most parents give their children rare names that depict power. Roman is a biblical name that means “powerful and strong”.
It originated from Latin. Elias is a Latin word for “Yahweh is my God”.
It originated from a German boy name ‘Oda’, which means “prosperity and fortune”.
This name is derived from Buddhism. Bodhi means “enlightenment” or the understanding possessed by Buddha.
It originated from Portugal. It means “life”.
This can be a great name for August babies. It has Hebrew origin and it means “August” in Hebrew.
It refers to a tall, strong and graceful tree. The tree has a white bark.
Geri Horner shocked the world when she released the name of her son. I mean, who names her son Moniker? The name seems to have been inspired by William Shakespeare’s book, Romeo and Juliet.
It is a Latin name for strong or durable. Jaime Mendez and Actress Essence Atkins named their son Varro, hoping the child will grow up to a strong lad.
It originates from Japan and it means “wise”.
It means “warrior”.
It has an English origin. Kipling means “One who cures salmon or herring”.
This name has a Scottish origin. It means a “small hill”.
Gareth means “gentle”. It has a historical origin as it first appeared in the original story of King Arthur.
It has Greek origin. Apollo means “manly beauty” in Greek.
It originated from Welsh and it means “fortunate”.
The name originates from Kingston, Jamaica. Kingston is an English name which means “king’s field”.
It has a Hebrew origin. Zeke means “God strengthens”. It is an old name that has not been used a lot of late.
This is an Irish name which means “Fair”.
This name was taken from a place, the Caspian Sea.
It originated from Scott. Gordon means a “spacious fort”.
It originated from Sweden. It means “battle strong”.
It originated from Sweden. Bo means “to live”.
It originated from Persia. It means “kingly and rich”.
It originated from an Italian name Latin Marcellus. It means an “War-like”.
It has English origin. The name means “red”.
It originated from a French name Oliver, which means “olive tree”.
It has an English origin. Ripley means “from the shooter’s field”.
It originated from Germany. It means “intelligence”.
It originated from German. It means “Ruler of the People” in Teutonic.
It has English origin. It means a “fortified hill”.
The name possibly originated from Britain. It means “West meadow”.
It is an Irish name for “thinker” or “fiery”.
It has English origin. It is derived from the color “gray”.
It has Latin origin. Dexter means “skilled”.
It has Latin origin. Viktor means “conqueror”.
It originated from Spain. The name means “Eager for battle”.
It has Latin origin. Leo means “lion”.
It has English origin. Ace means “noble” or “unity”. It also refers to “those who excel”.
It originated from Italy. The name means “small”.
Source: https://www.revolutioninparenting.com

14 Popular Superhero Baby Names Perfect For Boys And Girls

Imagine your child all grown up, standing for what’s right and wrong and fighting against evil. Wouldn’t that be cool? Superheroes are synonymous with courage, power, and kindness – qualities every parent wants their children to have. So, what about naming your little one after a superhero? When he grows up, you can tell him what his name stands for and set him on the path to righteousness. babynamestrendy has compiled a list of 14 superhero baby names, to help you choose.

Superhero Names For Boys:

1. Ben:

Superhero Baby Names - Ben

Image credit: marvel.com

Ben Grimm (Thing) is one of the original members of the ‘Fantastic Four’. He is famous for his rugged appearance and battle cry- “It’s clobbering time.” Despite being the diminutive of Benedict or Benjamin, Ben stands on its own as a strong, straightforward and nice-guy name. You can say it’s our generation’s Bill or Bob.

2. Bruce:

Superhero Baby Names - Bruce

Image credit: www.dccomics.com

The macho name belongs to the alter ego of Batman, Bruce Wayne and the mild mannered scientist Bruce Banner aka. The Hulk. Batman rids Gotham City of evil, a job that he undertook after witnessing the murder of his parents. Meaning ‘from the brushwood thicket,’ Bruce is a powerful, single syllable name for boys. If you can want, you can also use ‘Bruce’ for your baby’s middle name.

3. Hank:

Superhero Baby Names - Hank

Image credit: waltdisneystudios.com

Hank is a favorite name in the superhero world. Hank (Henry Pym) is the original name of Ant-Man, one of the founders of the Avengers. There are plenty of other Hanks as well in the superhero world. The blue beast from the X-Men was formerly Dr. Henry “Hank” McCoy in his non-mutant days. Hank is also the real name of Wasp and Yellowjacket.

4. Clark:

Superhero Baby Names - Clark

Image credit: www.dccomics.com

Our list would be incomplete without mentioning the ‘Man of Steel.’ Clark is the name of the journalist who later becomes Superman, the Krypton superhero. Clark is a classic name that is making a comeback in the recent years. So you can name your child with the hope of instilling the qualities of Superman in your child. If Carl sounds too old fashioned to you, go for Kent. This short, one syllable name means ‘edge.’ But don’t fret if he rips off his shirt or likes donning a cape.

5. Logan:

Superhero Baby Names - Logan

Image credit: marvel.com

Logan was the moniker Wolverine bestowed on himself before finding out his real name, ‘James Hewlett.’ Fans of X-Men will be inspired to use Logan for their children, despite its immense popularity. Logan was also the 21st most popular baby boy name in the year 2012. You can also go for Wolverine, but it would raise the brows of a few.

52 Badass Baby Names For Girls And Boys

1. Darby:

If you want a hardcore badass name for your kid, look no further than Darby. Darby Crash was the famous front man for the punk rock band, “The Germs”. The name means ‘deer town,’ relatively peaceful, isn’t it?

2. Rocco:

Tough as nails and hard as the rock, Rocco is the guy who commands respect wherever he goes. It might sound big mature for a baby, but he will eventually grow into it. This name caught the fancy of Madonna and Guy Ritchie as well, and they named their son Rocco.

3. Dean:

When it comes to honoring the badass James Dean, you could just go with his last name Dean, which means ‘having lived near a valley’. This moniker conjures up images of a young boy with slicked-back hair riding motorcycle at midnight.

4. Ryder:

Ryder is another super badass name for you to consider. It sounds like it belongs to a race car driver, even though it means ‘messenger’. The name tripled in popularity after Kate Hudson gave this name to her first-born baby.

5. Maddox:

Maddox is out and out badass. Not just because of the trendy ‘x’ ending, but also because it has a super cool association. The famous celebrity Angelina Jolie chose his name for her first children, which brought this moniker to mainstream. Since then, there has no going back for this name. Earlier, Maddox was an obscure Welsh family name, related to Madoc, meaning ‘fortunate’.

6. Axel:

Axel is a Scandinavian form of the Biblical Absalom, the son of King David. This super cool and badass moniker is associated with the “Guns n Roses” front man Axl Rose. Interestingly enough, the meaning of Axl is ‘father of peace’, which is in a way opposite of badass. But it still sounds pretty great. You can use Ax as the nickname. It is very edgy and sounds cool.

7. Blade:

The name Blade may sound a bit irregular, as it is smooth and macho at the same. Some parents may find it a bit threatening though. And we have a superhero of this name as well. The superhero Blade is immune to the bites and hypnosis of the supernatural vampires. He lacks the powers and abilities of a superhero and relies on his skill and determination.

8. Ranger:

Ranger is an occupational baby boy name, meaning ‘forest guardian’. The name Ranger sounds much better than Danger. It has a western, cow boyish feel to it.

9. Breaker:

Breaker is an aggressive baby boy name on the lines of Heller and Tracker. This robust name has become a hip amongst parents who have issues with the law.

10. Dagger:

Dagger is a sharp and edgy name that some parents may arm their child to prepare them for a war in the cruel world. While it sounds badass, there are also a plenty of reasons not to name your child Dagger.

11. King:

This moniker has some mixed connotations. Some people find it more fitting as the name for a dog. But it’s also a strong name with notable associations, Like Elvis King and Dr. Martin Luther King. The moniker entered the popularity list in the year 2006 at the 898th spot. Today, it’s under 200.

12. Cassius:

The power name Cassius owes its fame to the professional boxer and cultural icon, Muhammad Ali, who was born Cassius Marcellus Clay. The moniker was also chosen by actor Balthazar Getty and singer Bobby Brown for their son. With such namesakes, it’s no surprise that Cassius has become so popular over the years.

13. Lowell:

Lowell is usually considered a last name as a first name for boys and means ‘young wolf’. The popularity of this name hit its peak in the 1930s, when it was in the top 150. Since then, there haven’t been many takers of this name, which in a way is good for your baby. He would stumble into another Lowell in his school.

14. Alfred:

Yes, we know that Alfred is a bit mature and old school for a baby, but it has a very positive meaning of ‘sage and wise’. This name holds the combined power of whimsy and intelligence; traits that parents want in their children. This name comes from the Old English name Aelfraed and means ‘elf counsel’. Plus, it has cute nickname possibilities in Freddy and Alfie.

15. Damon:

Damon, the tougher and edgier version of Damian implies stoic strength. It is perfectly embodied by the anti-hero vampire Damon Salvatore in “The Vampire Diaries”. In the classical mythology, Damon was the symbol of true friendship. He risked his life to save his friend Pythias from execution.

16. Boris:

This old Russian baby name, meaning ‘to fight’, is gaining popularity in Europe. The only issue is that you could be setting your son for a job in skull cracking; if you bestow the name on your child, (we hope you know about the Boris tattoo skull reference’.

17. Ace:

Ace is no longer tied to the weak and hapless Ace Ventura. From acing an examination to an ace up the sleeve, this moniker sounds bad to the bone even after having so many positive connotations. Jessica Simpson, Jennie Finch, Natalie Appleton and Tom Dumont, all have little Aces. The meaning of Ace is ‘one, unity’.

18. Puma:

Puma is a large cat, just like a mountain lion or a cougar. This strong hunter, like most of its cousins, easily to its environment. Just like its bearer, even the name means ‘strength’ and that’s what makes it badass. This jaunty name has taken a flight not just among the celebs, but also other parents.

19. Rocket:

Here’s an instance of word turned into a name. Rocket is a badass name, meaning ‘jet propelled’. The famous hip-hop star Pharrell Williams also named his son Rocket. He quoted that his wife randomly chose the name from the lyrics of Pharrell’s favorite musicians.

20. Wyatt:

Wyatt is relaxed, yet a highly respectable name. It is an English baby boy name meaning ‘guide, wood, or wide’. It’s most badass bearer is Wyatt Earp, the wild west hero and badass frontier officer. It’s currently in 39th spot, the highest it has ever reached. Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn were the first of celebs to use Wyatt for their son.

21. Buster:

Belonging to the category of old-fashioned nicknames like Biff, Buzz or Bud, Buster is a bit of a belligerent. Jonny Lee Miller and Michelle Hicks moved outside the box when they used it as a middle name for their son Timothy.

22. Kodiak:

Kodiak has been, hot, or you can say cool for several years now. It has an American, cow boyish charm to it. The Russian and American name Kodiak means the same thing in both the countries ‘island’. But in Alaska, Kodiak means a badass ‘grizzly bear’. So a baby boy named Kodiak will not be afraid of anything.

Badass Nicknames For Boys:

1. Jax:

The name started as a soap opera character, but is now associated with Jax Teller, the central character on “Sons of Anarchy” fans. In the series, Jax is the tattooed president of a motorcycle club. We think Jax would make a cool short form for children named Jackson, Jaxon or Jackson. This name has shot 100 places in the last two years.

2. Hunter:

Hunter is a straightforward American name, meaning ‘the one who hunts’. The name Hunter combines the macho imagery with softened masculinity. It was and still is the top pick of parents who wanted something stronger than Jason and Michael.

3. Diesel:

Diesel is a recent entry in the neo-macho, badass names along with Ranger, Harley and Breaker. People may think it as a word name for the fuel, but it’s actually a German surname, derived from Mathias or Matthew. This name entered the American name lexicon, thanks to the celebs Casey Daigle and Jennie Finch who chose it for their baby.

4. Flash:

Flash is a great badass nickname for your son. Most of the people would associate it with Flash Gordon, the superhero, but Flash would also appeal to modern parents looking for an active baby boy name. Or you can even use it as a nickname.

5. Neo:

This name entered the mainstream via Keanu Reeves’ character in “The Matrix”. And going by the movie, this name is definitely badass. Neo Rauch, the contemporary German artist is one of the famous bearers of this name.

Badass Girl Names:

1. Angelina:

The name may mean ‘angel’, but its most famous bearer Angelina Jolie is anything but. This feisty actor epitomized the bad girl by declaring her love for knives and wearing blood around her neck. Today, Angelina Jolie is an iconic actor and a humanitarian. This moniker is also shared by Angelina Grimke Weld, the abolitionist who fought for the women’s right.

2. Lilith:

This Hebrew name can mean ‘ghost,’ ‘night monster’, or ‘storm goddess,’ depending on the translation. As per Jewish folklore, Lilith was Adam’s first wife, but was banished from Garden of Eden, when she refused to make herself subservient to Adam. The name is not every popular within the religious communities, but has blossomed through the pop culture as a name full of independence and strength.

3. Blair:

This name evokes not just the Ivy League elitism, but also high-stakes revenge schemes. This name was personified perfectly by Blair Waldorf, the “Gossip Girls” evil queen. With her icy stare and flawless hairs, Blair Waldorf commanded both adoration and attention wherever she went. And Blair can be used for baby boys as well.

4. Lola:

The name Lola brings to mind a sly temptress who does not like following rules. Both Jean Harlow and Marlene Dietrich played the roles of saucy Lolas in “Bombshell” and “The Blue Angel” respectively. And how can anyone forget the catchy chorus “L-O-L-A”? This name is a favorite in Hollywood right now.

5. Aella:

Aella was the fierce Amazon warrior notorious for wielding a double-edged sword in Greek mythology. This beautiful name means ‘whirlwind.’ We’re not quite sure about its pronunciation. Perhaps our Greek readers could help us with it.

6. Ruby:

Ruby is one of the coolest badass baby girl names, especially when you consider the power of the bad girl, Ruby Rose in “Orange is the New Black,” who is a DJ, model, and a recording artist.

7. Aiden:

The Irish name Aiden has become quite popular in the recent years, probably because of its meaning ‘little and fiery’. The name is inspired from Aodh, the Celtic god of the sun, but there are similar versions of it found in some cultures, for instance, Aydin, which is a Turkish name, meaning ‘enlightened.’

8. Luna:

The name Luna is as powerful as the celestial object it is named after. Luna means ‘moon,’ which is not just a beautiful celestial object, but also controls the tides. This moniker shines as brightly as the moon enlightening the dark world. Plus, the Greek goddess of the Moon, Artemis was also a badass.

9. Amelia:

Amelia Bloomer, the women’s rights activist is best known for advocating for the less restrictive women’s clothing in the 19th century. She is also considered the first of the feminists. The name also brings to mind the aviation pioneer Amelia Earhart.

10. Shabina:

Shabina is a beautiful Arabic name and means ‘eye of the storm’, which is just, well, badass. In nature, the eye of the storm is the region of calm weather in the center of hurricane, cyclone and tropical storm. If you go with the metaphorical sense, don’t we all want to be the eye of the storm in life?


11. Sadie:

The hissing sound of this name is reminiscent of a snake. And it also has a snobbish air to it. Along with these, Sadie also brings to mind the cool girl that everyone loves to hate. And the Beatles immortalized this name via their song, “Sexy Sadie”.

12. Harlow:

Harlow is an English baby name that means ‘meadow of hares’. What makes badass baby names stand out is that it does not refer to the cute, little bunnies, but energetic and anti-social hares. A girl with this name would not be afraid to be herself.

13. Tempest:

Tempest is a cool and evocative word name. The first part of Tempest, a moniker from England speaks of a temperate nature. But it also refers to the turbulent storm. This moniker is for girls who are passionate by nature, but would also come to reason quickly.

14. Tequila:

It cannot get more badass than his. Tequila is a Spanish name for liquor that is obtained from the agave plant. This alcohol is believed to bring out the real person. So a girl named Tequila would also be a real thing. She will not try to hide her original self from anyone.

15. Kartini:

Do you wish your daughter to become a famous activist and writer? Then you can name her Kartini for Raden Ajeng Kartini, the social activist who advocated for women’s education and emancipation and wrote about the need for protection of traditional arts and public health on the island of Java. Some even regard her as Indonesia’s first feminist.

16. Ida:

If you want your baby to fight tirelessly for justice, you couldn’t pick a name better than Ida. Ida Wells-Barnett was a brilliant American suffragist, journalist, and anti-lynching campaigner. She wrote on history and law of lynching and worked with multiple associations and organizations for the advancement of the African-American women. She even blocked the establishment of segregated schools in Chicago.

17. Raven:

Raven Darkholme is one of the most badass superheroines. In the X-men movies. Raven was a close aid of Professor X, the leader of X-Men. She fought for mutant justice with him. And there’s Raven from the series “That’s So Raven”. People who have watched the series must be well aware of how cool and daring Raven was on the show.

18. Nancy:

If you want your daughter’s name to be exceedingly glamorous and badass at the same time, we suggest you name her Nancy, after Nancy Wake, the journalist and spy of the French Resistance during the Second World War. During the war, Nancy saved lives of over a hundred Allied soldiers and downed aviators by escorting them through France to Spain.

19. Beretta:

Beretta is one of the most usable word names we have come across. The gun Beretta, manufactured by the Italian firearms was named after the owner of the company. This name has now entered the mainstream as a badass baby name. Bristol Palin used it as a middle name for her daughter Breeze.

20. Artemisia:

Do you think your bundle of joy has a fine, artistic mind? Then name her Artemisia after one of the most badass artists of the Baroque era. Artemisia Gentileschi achieved acclaim at a time when women were not even allowed to attend the art academies. She was raped by her colleague’s father and had to go through a brutal trial. Her rapist was convicted, but he did not serve his sentence. After the trial, Artemisia painted her most famous work “Judith Slaying Holofernes, as revenge for her trial.

21. Harley:

This macho biker name has now traveled to the female territory. It was given to over 900 girls last year, which is double the number of baby boys named Harley. Harley entered the female side in the year 1991, after the introduction of Joker’s female assistant Harley Quinn in the Batman universe. In the United Kingdom, Harley holds the 49th spot, not bad for a badass baby name. And we predict that it will climb even further.

Badass Nicknames For Girls:

1. Xena:

This bold name, beginning with the powerful ‘X’ and softened by the final ‘A’ is sure to catch the attention of many parents. And it is associated with the television warrior princess as well.

2. Rebel:

Rebel is usually considered as a girl’s name, all thanks to the outstanding comedian Rebel Wilson, but we think it would work equally well for the boys, but as a nickname. The term rebel means ‘someone who rises against the masses’. It also brings to mind the ferocity of James Dean and Katniss Everdeen.

3. Rogue:

Rogue is a prime example of aggressive word names that are the off-the-grid branch of the new macho baby names. The name means ‘a man who is a major troublemaker,’ with troubles ranging from mischief to lawlessness. But to us, the name reminds of Marvel female superhero of the same name.

4. Blaze:

Blaise is originally a trendier form of the Latin Blaise. It has featured in the Arthurian legend as the name of Merlin the Magician’s secretary. This unisex name has a connotation that does not match its meaning. It may sound, fiery, hot and combustible, but Blaze actually means ‘the one who stutters’. Amanda Bead named her son Blaise, but you can stick with Blaze.

Source: momjunction.com

9 Modern Baby Boy Names That Are Underused

Many soon-to-be moms can spend what feels like an eternity trying pick out the perfect name for her little man. Some moms know exactly what they are looking for, but not everyone is that lucky. A name is the first real gift that a mother gives to her child – besides the gift of life that is – so it is important to put a lot of thought into selecting the correct one. If a mom is looking for something that has a modern feel to it but is still underused and not too common, this list is the perfect place to start looking. Continue reading to see ten modern baby boy names that are underused.


Baby Boy Names

Jayceon is an adorable and wonderful name for a baby boy that is a spelling variant of the more popular Jason, which means healer. Since 1880 in the U.S., there are only about 8k other babies who share this exact same name. Jayceon is at number 97 on the Modern Boy Names list and number 63 on the Unique Boy Names list, according to Names.org. People with this first name are natural born leaders who are often very organized and disciplined, as reported by Ohbabynames.com.


Amari means strength or immortal. That is why people with the name Amari tend to be very affectionate and compassionate individuals, according to Ohbabynames.com. It is a beautiful, modern gender-neutral name that is more commonly given to baby boys. In the U.S., there are only about 30k babies who share this first name since the 1880s so you are not likely going to find another Amari walking around.

Amari is at number 85 on the Modern Boy Names list, number 25 on the Unique Boy Names list, and number 165 on the Gender-Neutral Names list, according to Names.org.


Baby Boy Names

Giovanni is a lovely name for a baby boy that happens to mean “God is gracious.” There are about 67k babies in the U.S. who all share this modern first name. It is at number 82 on the Modern Boy Names list, according to Names.org. There were about 4k babies who were all born in the year 2010 just in the U.S. alone. People with this name are usually very independent and strong-willed individuals who are never short of ambition, according to Ohbabynames.com.


Paxton has the charming meaning of “from the peaceful town.” It is a fantastic, modern name for a baby boy. There are only about 19k other babies who share this same first name in the US. That makes Paxton quite rare and very underused. This name can also be used for a baby girl, but it much more commonly used for little boys.

People with this name are often multi-talented and very intuitive, according to Ohbabynames.com. When you hear the name Paxton, you may think of the award-winning Twister actor, Bill Paxton.


Baby Boy Names

The first name Caiden would be the perfect name for a handsome little guy. It means friend or companion. There are only about 18k babies in the U.S. who share this rare and underused modern baby boy name. Caiden is at number 78 on the Modern Boy Names list and number 77 on the Unique Boy Names list, according to Names.org. People with this name are often very independent but they can often become perfectionists who want everything to be just right, according to Ohbabynames.org.


Landen is such an adorable name for a baby boy. This name that is completely underused only has about 24k babies who all share this same exact first name in the US. Landen means long hill or ridge.

It is at number 76 on the Modern Boy Names list, according to Names.org. 2008 was the most popular year for this name with almost 2k Landen’s born in the single year in the US alone. People with this name are usually very adventurous and easygoing individuals, according to Ohbabynames.com.

Baby Names