The top baby names in America — from A to Z

When the Social Security Administration released their baby names data for 2018, there were not many surprises in the top 10. Emma and Liam are still the most popular baby names in the United States, but the so-called “name nerds” of The Nation have delved a little deeper into the data.

One of those baby names enthusiasts spent some serious time on SSA records and broke down the most popular baby names in the United States at the beginning. This data detective is a moderator of the popular (and perfectly named) subreddit r / NameNerds that connects to Lyd_Euh online (understood? His real name is Lydia. It’s a very nerdy screen name.)

After “a few hours of copying, pasting and adding” to a spreadsheet, Lydia discovered that the letter A is the first most common initial for babies these days, with 4,410 unique “A” names selected by parents of 477,260 babies. The second most common first initial is ‘J’ and the third is ‘M’.

These are the most common baby names of A-Z in the United States, according to Lydia’s research:

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