Top 10 Tips To Improve Your Child’s Skin Health

Fair, dusky, or dark, children have smoother and healthier skin than adults. But external elements, such as pollution and weather, can take a toll on their delicate skin.

While the external skin-damaging factors cannot be controlled completely, eating healthy food, having adequate sleep, and following a few tips can help keep it nourished, smooth, and healthy. Read on as we tell you ten useful tips.

10 Tips To Keep Your Child’s Skin Nourished

Below are a few skin care tips that might help you keep your child’s skin nourished. Although these may not help improve your child’s natural complexion, they might help remove dead cells and retain the smooth texture.

However, before trying any of these, remember that some children may be allergic to a few ingredients; thus, a patch test is advised.

1. Apply a mixture of milk and turmeric

Studies suggest that turmeric is effective at reducing acne and improving complexion. The curcuminoids present in turmeric have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and skin lightening properties (1).

Mix turmeric and milk and apply the paste gently on your child’s face, hands, and rest of the body. Allow it to dry. Wipe the dried paste using a soft wet cloth. After removing the milk-turmeric paste, bathe them without using a cleanser or soap.

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