Top 20 Old-Fashioned Baby Names From The 1920s That Are Popular AGAIN

They say that everything old is new again, so it should not be so surprising that even old names are back in fashion these days.

While you may not have met Duke or Beatrice lately, it seems that names like Hazel, Mae, Sterling and Violet are popping up everywhere in popular culture.

From the names of celebrated babies to the lady round the block, these classic names have a replacement chance to shine these days.

In alphabetical order, here are 20 old-fashioned baby names from the 1920s that are gaining popularity again now, along with their origins and meanings! Did we miss any?

1. Beatrice
Origin: Latin

Meaning: Happy, Blessed

2. Clara
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Bright, Clear, Famous

3. Duke
Origin: English
Meaning: Leader

4. Ellis
Origin: Middle English
Meaning: From Elis, a variant of Elisha, which means “God is salvation”

5. Evelyn
Origin: German
Meaning: Unknown

6. Everett
Origin: English
Meaning: Strong, Brave

7. Felix
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Happy, Lucky

8. Hazel
Origin: Old English
Meaning: Derived from the name of the hazelnut tree

9. Josephine
9. Josephine
Wicker Paradise / Flickr
Origin: French

Meaning: Feminine form of Joseph

10. Leo
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lion

11. Lilian
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Lily

12. Lola
Origin: Spanish
Meaning: Sorrows, Aches

13. Mae
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Derived from Maia, the Greek goddess of increase

14. Max
Origin: English
Meaning: Short form of Maximilian

15. Pearl
Origin: English
Meaning: Derived from the white gem found inside some oysters

16. Rose
Origin: German
Meaning: Originally derived from Germanic word for horse, but now refers to the flower of the same name

17. Sterling
Origin: English
Meaning: Derived from starling, a type of bird

18. Theodore
Origin: Latin
Meaning: Derived from the Greek combination of theos (God) and dōron (a gift)

19. Vera
Origin: Russian or Latin
Meaning: Russian (Faith) or Latin (True)

20. Violet
Origin: Old French
Meaning: Derived from the flower of the same name

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