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Top 36 Unusual And Eccentric Baby Names For Boys And Girls

21. Shoshanna:

Shoshanna is a Hebrew variation of Susannah and means both ‘lily and rose.’

22. Ines:

Ines is the Portuguese version of Agnes. It’s associated with the real story of the thwarted lovers King Peter of Portugal and Queen Ines of Castro.

23. Zosia:

Zosia is a Greek variant of the name Sophia. David Mamet, the famous playwright, had given this name to his daughter.

24. Poppy Honey:

This name is too sweet to digest. The celebrity chef Jamie Oliver bestowed this name on his daughter.

25. Ebba:

Ebba is the feminine version of the name Eberhard. The name is currently enjoying widespread popularity along with names like Emma, Ada, and Ella.

26. Saavi:

Names with loads of vowels are in now. And when it comes to baby girl names, you can never go wrong with double, or even triple vowels.

27. Audrianna:

The name Audrianna is a combination of Audrey and Brianna. One of the most eccentric names it is.

28. Baileigh:

Baileigh is a more elaborate version of Bailey. We must say it is a great way of making a too common moniker unique.

29. Apple:

Inspired by one of her husband’s bandmates, Gwyneth Paltrow named her daughter Apple.

30. Asia:

Destination baby names are way more popular than ever now.

31. Temperance:

For baby girls, virtue names like Grace and Faith have stood the test of time, but we are now seeing a resurgence of other virtue names as well.

32. Diamond:

There’s a growing trend of naming the children after something special.

33. Moonblood:

Sylvester Stallone named her daughter Sage Moonblood. Would you use this eccentric last name for your daughter?

34. Destry:

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw’s daughter’s name falls somewhere between destiny and destroy.

35. Satchel:

Yes, we know that babies are very cute and you always want them to be close to you. But that, in no way means you will name them Satchel.

36. Unit:

Moon Unit is the name of the legendary musician’s daughter.


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