When To Stop Bottle Feeding The Babies And How To Do It?


A few months ago, you might have moved from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. That shift may not have been easy, but now that your toddler got used to the bottle, it isn’t easy to stop it too.

It’s natural for babies to remain latched to their bottles and not want to switch to a cup.

BabyNamesTrendy gives you straightforward, practical tips to wean your baby from the bottle.

Why Should You Stop Bottle Feeding?

Here are a few reasons for stopping your toddler from bottle feeding.

1. Prolonged usage of bottles can lead to tooth decay.

Toddlers tend to sip from the bottle throughout the day and night. Continuous sipping of milk, especially while sleeping, leads to tooth decay. As the toddler falls asleep while drinking, the milk pools in the mouth and creates an acidic cover on the teeth enamel, resulting in cavities.

2. It can lead to faulty dental development.

Continuous and prolonged sucking from the bottle nipple can impact the position of their adult teeth and the development of facial muscles in future.

3. Excessive usage results in pediatric obesity.

Most toddlers need about two cups of milk a day . However, bottle feeding results in excessive amounts of milk intake, much more than from a cup. Your toddler is more likely to put on excess weight and become obese.

4. Lying down and drinking from a bottle can lead to infections.

The milk that pools at the base of your toddler’s throat when they are busy sucking, becomes the home ground for breeding bacteria, resulting in a probable ear or throat infection.

5. The toddler needs more solid foods.

As the toddler grows, the nutrition requirements increase, which cannot be met with just dairy intake. Solid and semi-solid foods such as cereals and pureed vegetables are essential for your child’s growth and development.

6. Your child is prone to get anemic.

If you are giving your child cow’s milk, an excessive amount can have a downside. Too much of cow’s milk with prolonged bottle usage can block the absorption of iron (3), which can make your toddler anemic.

Parents usually use bottle feeding as an intermediary between breastfeeding and cup feeding. If you have been breastfeeding your baby beyond one year, you can skip this intermediary level. But, if the baby has been drinking from a bottle since their early months, then you need to know when you can stop bottle feeding.


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