Why Do Toddlers Hit Themselves And How To Stop It?


Does your toddler hit themselves and bang their heads often? Such actions are known as self-injurious behavior (SIB). Although this behavior could worry you, it is usually just a developmental phase or your toddler’s way of expressing emotions.

If you observe closely, your toddler might be resorting to self-injury when they are angry or want to be heard. Studies have found that 15% of young children exhibit SIB during their early developmental years (1).

If SIB persists and causes significant damage to your child’s body and health, consult your pediatrician, as persistent and chronic SIB is associated with developmental delays in children.

Why Does A Toddler Hit Themselves?

During toddlerhood, your child will be aware of their surroundings and start exploring the world around them. They will also learn to communicate their wants and needs. However, they might not have the full capabilities to achieve everything or verbally communicate their desires.


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